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Freelance Artist and Educator


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Freelance Artist making art for exhibition and sale, working extensively in schools and with Community Projects.

Following a 24 year career as Teacher and Headteacher I studied for a BA in Fine Art and have worked as a Freelance Artist ever since. My personal practice usually consists of drawing and painting, with the occasional foray into sculpture and print making. I also use my teaching skills by delivering workshops and residencies in school and community setting, and teaching adult art classes. I also paint murals, particularly in school settings.

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There’s a particular moment of excitement, and sometimes trepidation, as I stand in front of my canvas, brush loaded and poised for that first mark. It might be in my studio, on a beach or up in the hills, that frisson is always there and manifests itself in the hover – the hanging over the canvas, bobbing the brush tip up and down like a snooker player lining up a shot – then the dart and sweep of the first marks.
I endeavour to represent a sense of people and place through landscape, portrait and abstract drawing and painting, and from time to time sculpture. I use visual starting points, mathematical patterns, often poetry, to convey a more philosophical or spiritual sense in the way people and society interact with each other and the place.

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Please get in touch if you want further information, to ask for a quotation or arrange a purchase.


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